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The World of Wine

Someone once remarked, "Life is too short to sip poor wine". You've probably heard this expression before. Till you can comprehend what good wines are, you must first learn the fundamentals of wine so that you can continue to evolve in the wine world.

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Developed by industry experts, this e-learning experience provides a basic understanding of the world of wine, providing an overview of the essentials. We'll also go into technical elements of winemaking, storage, and serving, as well as wine pairings. The content is divided into 4 interactive chapters. Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate to demonstrate their expertise.

The Introduction to the World of Wine Course covers a variety of topics that are important to start your wine journey. Do you ever feel like you lack the skills and expertise to confidently pick and discuss wines in your personal or professional life? Everyone enjoys sharing a bottle of wine with friends or in a professional setting. This course is meant to provide you with the information and skills necessary to feel confident in selecting, serving, and speaking about all varieties of wine.

This online education experience presents the subtleties and charm of the world of wine. It is designed for wine lovers, and anyone interested in expanding their wine knowledge. This course is based on the WSET Wine Level 1 framework and is thus a starter-level course appropriate for industry professionals and wine enthusiasts embarking on their wine adventure.

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The Introduction to the World of Wine Course is an educational experience that combines text, visuals, and interactive methods to shape its users into the world of wine. It is best suited to enthusiasts that are just starting in the world of wine.

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The course is divided into 4 chapters, each with a short multiple-choice quiz at the end. Once all chapters are completed there is a 20-question final exam. To receive the course certificate, students must earn a mark of 75% or higher on the final exam. For students who do not meet this requirement on the first try, it is possible to retake the exam.


Estimated study time: 1-2 hours


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Introduction to the World of Wine

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Introduction to the World of Wine

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Introduction to the World of Wine

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